Aljira Interview

As a supplement to my exhibition at Aljira Center for Contemporary Art, I answered a few questions about my work with Aljira’s Fayemi Shakur. Aljira’s Tumblr Blog […] Read More

Exhibition – Aljira, A Center for Contemporary Art

Schools for the Colored exhibition opens July 18th at Aljira in Newark, NJ […] Read More

AC Press Interview

During a recent interview with AC Press reporter Diane D’Amico, photographer Michael Ein made this video during our conversation. […] Read More

Schools for the Colored at LOOK3

Schools for the Colored will be included in Shots & Works during the upcoming LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville […] Read More

Upcoming Publication for Manifest Portfolio

The Arts at CIIS has created a new publication project called Chroma. The project will produce a series of new books later this year, including my work from the Manifest portfolio. Thanks to Deirdre Visser for including my work and for her efforts to make this project a reality, Carla Williams for her contributions and […] Read More

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