Red Summer

April Lecture at PhotoAlliance

I will be delivering a presentation about recent work on April 7 at PhotoAlliance. This event will take place at the Art Institute of San Francisco Lecture Hall at 7:00pm. Get more info!  #redsummer #manifest #photography #photoalliance #sanfrancisco […] Read More

Red Summer – Elaine Arkansas, 1919

“Batch of Negroes Doomed to Death: Six of 122 Blacks Indicted for Arkansas Riots are Tried, Convicted and Sentenced to Death in Day” Helena, Ark. November 1 [1919] The riots in Elaine Arkansas (Oct 1, 1919) by some accounts were among the most deadly and widespread of the Red Summer. Death tolls vary widely and scholars […] Read More

New Works – Red Summer

“Mob Threw Negro Child Into Fire” East St. Louis, IL 1917 This photograph was made near the original location of the Broadway Opera House in which many African Americans died when the building was burned by rioters. This project is a survey of sites where race riots occurred in the American landscape between 1917 and […] Read More

King St. & George St., Charleston, SC

Intersection of King and George Streets, Charleston, SC […] Read More

Knoxville, TN

S. Central St. near the former intersection with Vine […] Read More