other works

The portfolios contained in this area are representations of a variety of other paths I have explored along the way. The photographs and photo-based works are, in part, my response to the world. In various ways, some conscious and others unconscious, this work shaped and influenced the photographic endeavors that have occupied my artistic efforts for the past few decades (as seen in the projects area of this site, which are centrally concerned with African American culture).

More images are available upon request.



Hoboken—photographs made over several months in the late 1970’s, while walking about this northern New Jersey community. The entire town is just slightly more than two square miles.


Industrial Landscape

Industrial Landscape—photographs in this portfolio were made in the industrial areas of Brooklyn known as Red Hook and the Gowanus Canal as well as various towns of northern New Jersey.

DCF 1.0

Manipulated Landscape

Manipulated Landscape—this portfolio is an iteration of the earlier landscape work with camera manipulation and black and white film (Landscape I). These images began after a workshop at the Center for Creative Imaging in Camden, Maine (1991). This work was the basis for my first fellowship from the New Jersey Council on the Arts. The images were created using film and digital camera images as well as images produced by scanning objects directly. All of these images were manipulated in Adobe Photoshop. I created works for this portfolio until 2001.



Austin, TX

Austin—for more than a year I walked about my neighborhood in Austin, TX photographing the homes and yards of this distinctive community. The structures were originally constructed as off-base housing for the nearby Air Force base, eventually becoming private homes and apartments. Though some variation is apparent, most of the structures were similar or identical.





Landscape—examples from the first of two series photo-based, manipulated landscape images. In this portfolio, the images are only manipulated through the use of camera movement. The original images are 35mm B&W negative film. Work from this portfolio was exhibited, purchased for collections, and published (Bomb Magazine, Winter 1985, No. IX).



Sketchbook—is a collection of photographs made over many years and represents an ongoing  response to commonplace experiences and daily encounters. The images are made with a wide range of cameras and imaging technologies (analog and digital).


NYC Streets

NYC Streets—are photographs made on the streets and public transit in the various boroughs of New York City. The photographs were created using 35mm cameras and black & white films.